Products and Services

The company provides a variety of services and products, including:

  • 3rd Party Logistics
  • Consulting (trucking sales and operations, private fleet efficiency, operational analysis metrics)
  • 3PL Freight Services (Brokerage, Expedited ,Time Sensitive shipments)
  • Private Fleet Management
  • Temperature Controlled Fleet Management, Equipment Liquidation Services
  • Peer Shipping Programs
  • Contract Sales Agents

Custom Program Development.  Features:

  • Incrementally expand existing private fleets to provide capacity independent to Common Carrier.
  • Utilize Incremental Expansion to fuel profit center (utilizing backhauled loads at higher rates)
  • Improve Levels of Service inherent to dedicated fleet capabilities
  • Analysis on current Dedicated Fleet P&L
  • Analysis of Common Carrier Rates
  • Audit of Current Billing for Dedicated Fleets
  • Lightweight Equipment-payloads
  • Analyze backhaul freight allowance on FOB Shipper
  • Core Carrier Mini-bids
  • INTRA State Light Weight Programming. (Day Cab vs Sleeper).